Gourmet spoon, 2021

The Fürstenberg company is a china factory founded in 1747 in Niedersachsen Germany. The factory still produces to this day a plethora of china products varying from sculptures to tableware and belongs to the luxury category.
I decided to take this Brand for my project because their tableware is used in high-class hotels and restaurants and that is where I see a niche for my gourmet spoon.
Beluga is a sinuous and dynamic gourmet spoon resting on 3 legs. This gourmet spoon elevates the food from the table's surface, limiting a person's contact from table to mouth which reduces involuntary contamination. The triangular positioned legs add stabilization to the spoon.
Beluga's handle and mouthpiece are textured to enhance the user's haptic sensory experience during the food sampling. The dots creating this textured surface are smooth and evenly spaced, designed to be easily cleaned.

Process: 3D print, rendering.



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