Moon Olympics 2028

Design thinking, 2021

This project was imagined in a three-day workshop at the FHNW HGK in Basel under the supervision of the design studio NORMALS.
Moon Olympics is the result of the teamwork of Nancy RAEBEL, Céline DAENDLIKER, Milo SCHWAGER and Alev GÜNGOR.

Welcome to our entertainment the Moon Olympics 2028! Seven athletes from the seven largest space-nations will be sent to the moon in Space X-sponsored rockets to compete against each other.
The Olympic moon games will be held on the moon’s surface in a 3D printed Moonstone stadium. The ancient Panathenaic Stadium will be printed from lunar rock by the Taraxacum-2028 3D printer. The famous Olympic flame will be present in the shape of an Oxygen bottle to Keep Burning in space environment.
The audience consists of 3D printed astronauts who have a camera integrated into their helmet. Thus, it is possible to rent an astronaut, connect to him from Earth and thus watch the games via their home.
During the games, the athletes live in space capsules and feed on a vitamin-protein paste from a tube to stay healthy. The shoes, sponsored by Moonboots, enable the athletes to achieve the best possible results, outstanding performance, and pleasant comfort.

3D printing, salt dough, renderings.



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