Wall lamp, 2019

The Osmo wall lamp was created during a one-week workshop under the supervision and assistance of the workshop Les Arts Codés in Paris.
Osmo is the result of the teamwork of Dorian PISSOTTE, Céline DAENDLIKER and Warren PATTEN.
The wall lamp consists of several panels. By positioning the hand on the wooden surface of the middle panel, the light intensity can be controlled, or a pre-programmed mode can be activated. The light effects are controlled with an Arduino.
By opening the panels, a geometric shape made from white fiberglass paper appears. The combination of white paper, warm LEDs and the dark wood creates a pleasant warm ambience.
When the lamp is turned off, the dark wood veneer will be revealed which gives it a noble touch. The lamp is then turning into a contemplation piece that causes one to wonder about its function.


Forex, Wallnut veneer, Procedes chenel Drop paper, LED Strips, Ardunio.



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