Gourmet spoon, 2021

The Fürstenberg company is a china factory founded in 1747 in Niedersachsen Germany. The factory still produces to this day a plethora of china products varying from sculptures to tableware and belongs to the luxury category.
I decided to take this Brand for my project because their tableware is used in high-class hotels and restaurants and that is where I see a niche for my gourmet spoon.
Ray is a two-handle curved gourmet spoon sporting a wide tasting surface. This spoon is the result of a combination between a plate and a spoon. The arched handle allows the user to easily pick up the spoon to taste the food while the two branches retain the spoon from tipping over.
Ray showcases a textured mouthpiece to create a new tasting experience. Ray focuses on creating a contrast by opposing thin and large shapes, adding a dynamic flair. Ray's unconventional appearance combines sculpture and functionality, challenging the traditional perception of what a gourmet spoon is.

3D print, rendering.



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