Study, 2019

The Re-Concept Project stems from the following observation: Fablabs have almost always residual material in their workshops and they try to optimize raw material in the best possible way. Nevertheless, there is (still) no normalization process concerning the re-using of the residual material considered as "unusable". This led me to the question: “How can Fablabs process and reuse their residual materials?".
Re-Concept is an alternative solution and guide that could be introduced to Fablab Workshops around the world. Fablab users would be made aware of their consumption and the reusing process of residual materials.
The Re-concept is consisting of a graphic charter specially made for Fablabs. A geometric shape is assigned to each material family (e.g., green circle for wood products) and then attached to a sorting box.
This project is also consisting of making the re-using of residual material possible through kit assembled machines. The functions and aesthetics of these kit assembled machines have been specially made for educational purposes. The machines provide a good overview of the mechanisms and the processing of the residual material. The shredder consists entirely of individual parts, the heating press uses a garage press made by the market.

Plywood, grey and brown cardboard, woodchips, Milkglue.



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