Alternative distance learning

Tokens, 2022

During the pandemic, from about mid-November 2020 to the summer semester 2021, the Master classes at the FHNW School of Art and Design in Basel had to take place primarily via Zoom and Webex.
It seems that sensory feedback and stimulation is missing when conducting distance. There are not many sensory stimulations that occur via a computer, quickly online learning becomes monotonous, and it is difficult to remain focused during long hours.
Even after the pandemic, we will most likely not completely remove online learning. The flexibility that comes with distance learning, which allows us to remove geographical boundaries, may be part of the future of education. From a conceptual point of view, I found it very interesting, that in the future, distance education could be made more intuitive and interactive via an interactive setup (TUI). I have therefore decided to create tokens for interactive distance learning to counter the negative effects of online learning.
For more information about the Token in the video attached below.

3D print, varnish.



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