Design sprint workshop, 2020

Tourrifical is the result of the teamwork of Susanna BORSATTI, Christina BOCKEN, Céline DAENDLIKER, Mary STREETER and Ewa MROCZEK-CHOJECKA. This three-day design sprint workshop was led by Ali RAHMAN KHAN.
In a fictional scenario the director of the Hypothetical Institute of Design (HID) believes that students from different design disciplines could potentially solve complex real-world problems and provide viable solutions. The challenge is to convince the CPSC (committee of private sector companies) that the Institute of design can work with the private sector to come up with new and exciting initiatives.
Our fictional company for this challenge takes on the sector of ecological tourism. Tourrifical is an app that promotes playful and fun ecological tourism travel. To entice people to use ecological transportation methods (biking, walking) this app is based on points and prices. If the person decides to walk to the destination, he will get more points than if he uses a car. By leveling up and unlocking badges the person will be able to get coupons for a hotel or a restaurant.


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