Voile au Vent

Desk, 2018

This project was featured at the Musée Château de Malmaison during the "Journées européennes des métiers d'arts" in 2019.

The desk "Voile au vent" was specially designed for a person working from home and who suffers from back problems.
The desk contains three main features: the work surface, the mechanism, and a support frame.
The working surface is made from a light panel BANOVA + covered in leather. A gallery made of Sapelli veneer plywood is placed in the back and prevents objects from falling.
The user grips the belt and the pulls it to the left or the right to change the surface’s height without too much effort.
The half-joint assembly of the Sapelli veneer plywood legs is inspired from the construction technique of boats. This means that the frame is at the same time robust and light.

BANOVA +, sapelli plywood, leather, aluminium, steel.



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