The ceramic incarnation

Design process workshop, 2020

The ceramic incarnation project is the result of the teamwork of Talayeh DEHGHANI GHOTBABADI, Celine DAENDLIKER, Maelle GOURLAN, Fabian BAUM and Milo SCHWAGER. This two-day workshop was led by Charleen ELBERSKIRCH and Guillaume MASSILLON.
The ceramic incarnation is a reflective design concept about sustainability concerning a common household object: a cup. Half a trillion disposable cups are manufactured annually around the world, that means almost 70 cups produced per person on the planet. There are often two scenarios: either we create a « relationship » with the cup because it reminds us of a memory, a heritage from our family, or we throw it away.
Our goal is to create an emotional durable cup. To create a symbolic link with the cup its design has to be unique / authentic.
Our concept is a social service that offers to design unique cups by using a neural network that generates a new image of a cup by learning from images from hundreds of different cups. After creating a lot of digital cups, if the person likes one, our idea was to use the powder gained from broken recycled cups as an additive to physically 3D prints the cup.
By using the ceramic additive with new material, the percentage of raw material that would have been used for the 3D print will be reduced.

Runway ml software.



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